Handprint Butterfly

Using your handprint as a template, create this fun butterfly card and decorate with gems and pearls.

Handprint Butterfly

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

15 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a sheet of blue card and place your hand on top of it. Then use a pencil to draw around your hand.
  2. Place another sheet of blue card underneath the card from step one, and cut out the hand shape so that you have two blue hands.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 using purple card so that you now have two blue hands and two purple hands.
  4. Take a sheet of yellow card and cut out the shape of the butterfly’s body. The size of the body will depend on the size of your hands, so use them as a guide.
  5. Use double sided tape or PVA glue to stick the blue hands above the purple hands, so that they overlap and create a wing shape. Then stick the two wings together in the centre, so the fingers are all pointing outwards.
  6. Stick the body to the centre of the wings.
  7. Decorate the butterfly wings using colourful heart gems and self adhesive pearls.
  8. Stick two wiggle eyes to the butterfly’s face and use a black pen to draw a smile underneath.
Handprint Butterfly Handprint Butterfly Handprint Butterfly

Top Tip

Make sure the top hands are pointing upwards, and the bottom hands pointing downwards, to create the perfect butterfly wing shape.