Hand Stitched Guest Book

This hand stitched guest book is the perfect touch when it comes to DIY weddings. Keep it simple in natural greens, add a burst of your signature wedding colours or personalise further with your initials and the wedding date.

Hand Stitched Guest Book

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours

How to Make

  1. Open up the A4 sketch book and place onto the hessian sheet. Cut a piece of hessian that is double the length of the sketch book.
  2. Place the sketch book in the centre of the hessian. There should be enough fabric either side of the open book to fold it completely over the inside covers. Then close the book.
  3. Use masking tape to create a border on the front cover of the book, so that when you remove the hessian you can see where to work.
  4. Use self adhesive felt leaves and dark green embroidery thread to stitch a circular design. You can lay the leaves out first before sticking the pieces down.
  5. Stitch your chosen words, or initials in the circle. You can do this freehand or draw on lightly with a biro so you have a line to follow.
  6. Once your design is complete it is time to stitch it to the book. Again, open the fabric up and fold the sides into the centre as before. Use a sewing machine to stitch up the top and bottom edges (as close to the edge as possible. This will create two pockets for the sketch book covers to slide into.
  7. Slide the covers into the pockets (you may need to trim these very slightly). Once in place, use the machine you stitch up both inside edges.
  8. As a final touch, you can remove the central staples and replace with embroidery thread, tying on the outside for a hand stitched look. Add ties to hold closed if desired.
Hand Stitched Guest Book Hand Stitched Guest Book Hand Stitched Guest Book

Top Tip

Trim the sketch book cover by 5mm on each edge to ensure that it slips into the hessian pockets easily.