Glitter Pipe-Cleaner Fairy

Make this sparkling fairy from pipe-cleaners. She will bounce around and look as though she’s flying.

Glitter Pipe-Cleaner Fairy

Skill Level


Time to Make

30-45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a piece of pink pipe-cleaner to 16cms in length and make a loop in the middle about the size of a five-pence coin. This is your fairy’s face. Bend the ends of the pipe-cleaners a little to fake the fairy’s hands.
  2. Cut another piece of the pink pipe-cleaner to 16cms in length. Bend and pinch the end (about 1cm) over the base of the loop (the fairy’s face) to make the base of the fairy’s body. Do not trim as you will need this length of pink pipe-cleaner later.
  3. To make the dress bodice, take a piece of dark blue pipe-cleaner and starting at one end, wrap it around the pink pipe-cleaner body a few times, just underneath the face and arms. Try to make it about 2cm’s wide. Flatten the bends to secure it.
  4. With the rest of the length of the dark blue pipe-cleaner, make a triangle shape to form the skirt. Wrap the end around the body and flatten to secure.
  5. Wrap pipe-cleaner around the skirt in colours of your choice to fill in the skirt. Always flatten the folds over the pipe-cleaner skirt outline to secure it.
  6. For the wings, take a pipe-cleaner in the colour of your choice and make a loop with the top half and secure it in the middle by wrapping and flattening, but leave about 1cm sticking out. Then, take the bottom half of the pipe-cleaner and make another loop, securing the end in the middle. Adjust the loops to make them stick out to one side.
  7. Repeat ‘step 6’ but adjust the loops to point to the opposite side.
  8. Using the pieces of the wings that you left sicking out from the middles, wrap around the long pink pipe-cleaner that is left sticking out from the fairy’s body.
  9. For the fairy’s face, cut out a small oval with skin-tone paper (alternatively, you can use white paper and colour it in). Draw your face with your fibre tip pens. Then, with double-sided tape, stick your paper face to the loop that you made earlier.
  10. Make a wand using a piece of pipe-cleaner 5cms long and wrap the fairy’s hand over it to make it secure. Then, stick on a snowflake gem sticker to complete her wand.
  11. Straighten the remaining pink pipe-cleaner length to stick directly out from the back of the fairy. You can hold her by this piece to make her look like she’s flying.
Glitter Pipe-Cleaner Fairy Glitter Pipe-Cleaner Fairy Glitter Pipe-Cleaner Fairy

Top Tip

Keep your pipe-cleaner wraps nice and tight by pinching them together with your fingers.