Garden Shed Card

Ideal for a garden lover, a shed design can be easily adapted with personal details and finishing touches.

Garden Shed Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour + drying time for glue

How to Make

  1. Using the template, cut the shed shape from a piece of board 10.5cm x 15 cm. Cut a rectangle of board for the door 6cm x 10cm.
  2. Cut a wooden craft stick into 3 smaller pieces. Brush over the cut out shed with glue then, starting from the bottom edge, place wooden craft sticks all the way up to the top and leave to dry, using the shorter pieces at the top. Work on the door separately, cover it with glue then place 6 craft sticks vertically and one horizontally across the bottom. Leave to dry.
  3. When the glue has thoroughly dried, use a strong pair of scissors to snip off the curved ends of the craft sticks along the slanted roof, so they match up with the shape of the shed. Trim the sticks on the door.
  4. Cut 2 more sticks for the shed roof, cut both ends into diagonals so they fit neatly together at the top. Trim the other ends so they just hang over the sides of the shed. Glue the sticks in place and leave to dry. Smooth down any rough edges on the sticks using fine sandpaper.
  5. Paint over the wooden sticks on the shed and door. Colours can be mixed to make different shades. For a pale aqua, mix light blue, green with some white. Leave to dry. Add a second coat of paint if the sticks don’t look fully covered.
  6. Glue the finished door onto the shed.
    Or, for an opening door, glue the finished door onto a folded card, slightly smaller than the door, then glue it onto the shed. Check the door is positioned at the correct height so it supports the shed in an upright position when the door opens. Leave to dry.
  7. To decorate the shed, glue a button or a small shape cut from a wooden stick to cover the join in the roof. Add button for the door handle, or use a punch to cut a small card circle. Glue twisted paper cord for grass along the base and to hang a message banner on the door. Add foam butterflies and flowers with bunting cut from patterned paper, or cut out your own shapes for plant pots and tools.
  8. To make an opening card, fold a 12cm x 14cm piece of green card in half to make a 6cm x 14cm background. Glue the lower part of the shed onto the folded card with trimmed craft sticks as a fence. This additional background section with a horizontal fold helps to support the shed and keep it upright.
Garden Shed Card Garden Shed Card Garden Shed Card

Top Tip

Lightly brush white paint over the shed and door to highlight the texture of the wooden sticks.