Footy Fan Bag

A great gift bag surprise for Dad to keep his favourite match-day programmes in!

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Press out all the pieces of the jointed card person and colour the head, lower arms and knee areas with a skin-tone coloured fibre tip pen.
  2. Cut some 1.5cm wide strips of self-adhesive foam in different colours and fix them over the body piece, trimming the ends to the shape of the body with scissors.
  3. Draw around the head shape onto the back of a piece of self-adhesive brown foam. Use this as a guide to draw some hair and cut out with scissors. Stick to the head of the figure.
  4. Lay the body against the gift bag so the head sticks over the top and mark the position of the holes on the bag.
  5. Join the leg pieces together with paper fasteners and decorate with stripey socks, shorts and black football boots by sticking pieces of foam to the paper and cutting to the correct shape. Don't forget to re-punch holes if needed.
  6. Join the pieces together and fix to the bag at the same time with paper fasteners. Draw on a face and add a foam football and lettering.

Top Tip

Make sure you use Dad's favourite team colours and you could also add a tiny shield to the kit to make it special.

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