Floral Delight Mother’s Day Card

Create this fresh and stylish floral handmade card, using various patterned papers and pretty paper flowers, for an extra special Mother’s Day treat.

Floral Delight Mother’s Day Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 30 mins plus glue and paint drying time.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a piece of Yellow card 35cm x 14cm, using a craft knife. Score in the middle and fold in half.
  2. Measure up 8cm from the bottom edge of front of card and draw a line across. Open the card and using a craft knife cut along the line from edge to fold. Then cut along the fold line from the cut edge up to the top of card. Remove top cut out section.
  3. Cut out a co-ordinating foliage/flower pattern paper from the decorative hues pack, 16.3cm x 6.8cm, apply glue onto the back with glue stick and adhere to the front lower panel of the card leaving an even border all around.
  4. Taking another co-ordinating pattern paper in green, cut a piece 16.3cm x 12.8cm, apply glue onto the back and stick onto the inside of the card (that faces out), leaving an even border all around.
  5. On a piece of white card, colourwash it with the yellow acrylic paint. Have some stronger yellow tones to pale yellow tones. Allow to dry.
  6. On a sheet of tracing paper draw some flower and foliage shapes. Trace the flowers onto the colour washed card and cut out with a craft knife/precision knife.
  7. In the centre of each flower stick a small white pearl.
  8. Trace the foliage from the tracing paper onto green glitter card and cut out using either a craft knife or precision scissors.
  9. Take 3 yellow paper roses and cut off the wire stem using the wire cutters.
  10. Arrange all the flowers and foliage on the top edge of the front smaller panel, and when you are happy with the arrangement, stick down one by one using the PVA glue.
  11. For the “Mother’s Day “ sentiment you can either die cut using gold glitter card or you can handwrite using a style of calligraphy and using metallic or glitter pens. Ensure the sentiment is centered well and that the flowers/foliage does not cover it up.
Floral Delight Mother’s Day Card Floral Delight Mother’s Day Card Floral Delight Mother’s Day Card

Top Tip

When colour washing do not be afraid to add layers of paint to give different tones of the one colour.