Flamingo Photo Holder

This colourful flamingo photo holder craft is the perfect way to display your summer photos.

Flamingo Photo Holder

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use some yellow paint to paint the wooden cube at the bottom of the spring on the photo holder.
  2. Then add some green to the yellow paint, to make lime green, and paint the base of the photo holder. Leave to dry.
  3. On a sheet of pink card, draw the outline of a flamingo, making sure that the body is larger than the wooden flower. Cut this shape out.
  4. Use a pink pen to draw a wing shape onto the body of the flamingo. Stick a wiggle eye to the flamingo’s head
  5. Create the flamingo’s beak using yellow card and a black pen, then stick it to the flamingo’s head using double sided tape.
  6. Take a sheet of yellow card and cut a strip that is the same height as the spring on the photo holder. Wrap it around the spring and stick in place using tape, to create the flamingo’s leg.
  7. Stick the flamingo to the wooden flower using double sided tape.
Flamingo Photo Holder Flamingo Photo Holder Flamingo Photo Holder

Top Tip

Create as many flamingos as you want so you can display all of your summer photos.

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