Felt Flower Brooch

Adorn any lapel or outfit with this bright spring coloured floral delight.

Felt Flower Brooch

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 ½ hours plus glue drying time.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Transfer all the appropriate template pieces to the appropriate felt colours and cut out:
    Fuchsia – large petals x8 & 2 circles
    Pale Pink – Small petals x8 & scalloped strip
    Light green – Small leaf x2
    Dark green – Large leaf x2.
  2. To make the centre of the flower, take the scalloped strip and roll tightly. Stick the end with a dot of hot glue and hold until dry.
  3. Making the petals:- Place a small petal onto a large petal, centrally, base together and leaving an “evenish” border around.
  4. Fold petal in half and pinch it about halfway up. Open slightly and add a dot of hot glue about 1cm up from base. Close again holding until glue dries. Add dots of glue either side of the small petal to stick down large petal onto it.
  5. Take one of the circles and lay all the petals on it, all around forming a flower. Ensure petals are evenly spaced and touching all around. One by one stick each petal at base using hot glue. Allow glue to dry before moving onto next petal.
  6. On a piece of orange felt, draw a rectangle, 20cm x 4cm and cut it out. Fold it in half (Longwise), and sew it together at edges.
  7. At the folded edge, cut even slits into the felt up to just before the stitching line. Cut the strip in 2 pieces of 13cm & 7cm.
  8. Take the shortest piece and wrap around the flower centre. Stick the end with hot glue.
  9. Take the longer piece and overlap ends, creating a circle. Stick the ends.
  10. Place this centrally onto the petals and glue down allowing glue to dry fully.
  11. Take the flower centre piece, add hot glue to the base and stick in the middle of the flower. Hold until glue dries.
  12. For the leaves, take the smaller piece and place on top of the larger piece. Stitch a line centrally either by hand or machine.
  13. Thread a needle with a dark green embroidery thread, knot end and stitch at the top end of leaf with the needle coming through to the front.
  14. Thread 3 beads (alternating pink and green), through so they sit on the top of the leaf, then stitch the beaded leaf at the back of the lower part of the circle, allowing it to dangle just below the petal ensuring no threads show and secure.
  15. Repeat this for the second leaf using 5 beads instead of 3.
  16. Take a brooch pin and remove the adhesive pad. Place the other felt circle between the bar and pin & stick with hot glue.
  17. Now stick the pin onto the back of the flower aligning the circles. Ensure the pin is the right way up first.
  18. Enjoy wearing your brooch.
Felt Flower Brooch Felt Flower Brooch Felt Flower Brooch

Top Tip

Choosing different colour combinations gives you the choice to match or contrast with your favourite outfits.