Felt Ball Necklace

Dress up your outfit with this pretty felt ball necklace.  Complement the necklace by adding the felt ball earrings and bracelet to create a set.

Felt Ball Necklace

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a 1 metre length of rainbow cord. At one end measure in 20cm and tie a double knot.
  2. Thread the needle and start with threading a bead followed by a felt ball, through its middle. Carry on alternating the beads and balls for the remainder 18 beads and 17 felt balls, keeping them close together.
  3. When finished threading all, remove the needle from the cord and double knot close to the last bead.
  4. Thread a bead at each end and double knot the ends. Cut away any extra cord to neaten.
  5. Lay necklace flat and fold in half so beads and balls are parallel, (ball to ball, bead to bead).
  6. Thread the needle with another piece of cord, cut 30cm long. Tie a knot at the end.
  7. Sew through the 9th felt ball (counting from top left), at exact same point the necklace cord is thread through and come out at centre point between the 2 beads, either side of that ball. Pull cord through tightly so that the knot hides into the felt ball & bead. Tidy knot end by cutting it close to the knot.
  8. Thread another felt ball through the centre remembering to alternate colours. Now thread through a bead, then thread back through felt ball with the needle coming out at top right.
  9. Thread another felt ball. The needle must go through into the nearest necklace ball and come out at the point where the necklace cord is threaded through, (between ball and bead).
  10. Remove the needle and tie a knot as close to the felt ball as possible. Cut off the end 7 adjust the ball and bead so the knot is not visible.
  11. The necklace is ready to wear!
Felt Ball Necklace Felt Ball Necklace Felt Ball Necklace

Top Tip

Choose the colours and sequence of the felt balls and beads before you start to avoid making mistakes when threading.