Felt Ball Earrings

Make these pretty felt ball earrings to complement the felt ball necklace.

Felt Ball Earrings

Skill Level


Time to Make

40 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make


  1. Thread a pink bead through the earring rod followed by a pink felt ball.
  2. Add a blue and green bead and press them down so you have more of the rod exposed.
  3. With a pair of round nose pliers, turn the end over towards the bead to form a small loop.
  4. Insert the earring hook and tighten the loop a little more so that the earring hook doesn’t come out.
  5. Repeat 1-4 to create a pair.


  1. Take the green crystal gem tape and cut a strip, 2 gems wide and long enough to go around the ball.
  2. Remove the backing from the gem tape and stick the strip around the middle of the ball.
  3. Thread a green bead into an earring rod followed by the gemmed felt ball.
  4. Add another 2 green beads on top and press them down a little to expose more of the rod.
  5. With the round nose pliers, take the end of the rod and turn it down forming a small loop.
  6. Insert the earring hook and tighten the loop a little more to ensure the hook doesn’t come out.
  7. Repeat 1-6 to make the pair.


  1. Cut 2 pieces of blue elastic cord, 15cm long.
  2. Tie a double knot at the end of each elastic and cut off ends to neaten.
  3. Thread a blue, green and pink bead through the elastic, then thread the needle with the beaded elastic to thread through a blue felt ball and a blue bead.
  4. Do this again for the 2nd length of elastic and when threading through felt ball, thread through the same hole as previous elastic.
  5. You should have 2 elastics through the top of the bead. Thread one through an earring hook and double knot. Cut off ends to neaten.
  6. Repeat 1-5 to make a pair.
Felt Ball Earrings Felt Ball Earrings Felt Ball Earrings

Top Tip

Play around with different colour combinations to create many funky and colourful earrings.