Felt Autumn Leaf Keyrings

Celebrate autumn by attaching these lovely felt leaf charms to your backpack, keys and pencil case.

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Draw a leaf shape onto a sheet of autumn felt using a pencil. Draw the leaf any size you would like your keyring to be.
  2. Cut out the leaf shape and stick it onto a different coloured sheet of autumn felt using super tacky glue. Leave to dry.
  3. Draw around the leaf shape with at least 1/2cm distance around the leaf using a pencil. Cut out this shape.
  4. Using the same coloured sheet of autumn felt, draw a shape of leaf veins to put in the middle of the leaf. Cut out the shape and stick it to the middle of the leaf using super tacky glue. Leave to dry.
  5. Using a hole punch make a hole at the bottom of the lead where the metal keyring will be attached. Make sure the hole punches through each of the layers.
  6. Attach a split metal ring to a metal belt clip keychain. Next, attach the ring to the felt leaf through the hole at the bottom.

Top Tip

Instead of drawing the leaves freehand on to the felt, collect real leaves and use these as a template.

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