Fairy Lantern

Transform a simple glass jar into a beautiful fairy lantern with this fun craft idea. Use it to decorate your table or light up your garden.

Fairy Lantern

Skill Level


Time to Make

35 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a piece of pink tissue paper that is the same height as the jar and wide enough to wrap around it.
  2. Roll the tissue paper up and push it into the jar, then use your fingers to gently spread it out.
  3. Use a black glass pen to draw the silhouette of a fairy on the outside of the jar, and stars around the fairy.
  4. Take some blue skeleton leaves and cut them in half, then use the glue gun to put a thin strip of glue along the flat edge of the leaf, and stick it to the neck of the jar. Repeat this with the other leaves around the neck of the jar.
  5. Take some paper flowers and trim the stalks off of them. Then use the glue gun to stick the flowers to the front of the rim of the jar.
  6. Cut three strips of twine and plait them together and tie a knot in each end to hold the plait in place. Then glue the knots to either side of the neck of the jar to create a handle.
Fairy Lantern Fairy Lantern Fairy Lantern

Top Tip

Make sure you only use this lantern with LED tea lights or fairy lights.

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