Fabric Headband – Beach Wear

This palm inspired headband will be the perfect accessory this summer, using suede effect paints create a relaxed, effortless feel.

Fabric Headband – Beach Wear

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes plus drying time

How to Make

  1. Mix the suede effect paint well. Coat the whole headband in white paint to start. While still wet, use a firm brush to blend sweeps of colour in coral (mix red, white, yellow) and green, in different directions. Allow to dry. The paint will look sparkly and transparent at this stage.
  2. Use a pencil to sketch out where you’d like to add the palm pattern. Draw the central stem for each big leaf.
  3. Mix a dark green and using a soft round brush paint the leaves coming off each central stem. Larger ones at the bottom to smaller at the top. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. Place the headband design down onto a piece of clean fabric. Iron the reverse for 5 minutes to seal the colour and activate the suede effect.
Fabric Headband – Beach Wear Fabric Headband – Beach Wear Fabric Headband – Beach Wear

Top Tip

Create the perfect leaf shape by using a soft round brush. Load the brush with paint. Drag it lightly on it's point at first and the press down to create the wider middle, and then while still gently dragging, pull the brush back up to it's point. You can practise on paper first.