Fabric Cake Birthday Card

A fun birthday card to make which allows you to use up any fabric and trimming remnants and scraps.                                                                             

Fabric Cake Birthday Card

Skill Level

Intermediate - Adult Supervision Required

Time to Make

90 minutes plus drying time for glue.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a piece of white felt 18cms x 14cms. Cut 3 pieces of different coloured lace 13cms long. Using colours that complement the lace, cut ribbon strips around 14cms long.
  2. If you need a guide draw the cake and cake stand on the felt with a fabric erasable pen. (The lines fade after a while)
  3. Layer the lace onto the felt to start forming the cake part and pin down. Lay the ribbon strips diagonally, edge to edge and pin down. Sew across the lace pieces and top and bottom of ribbon strips. Remove pins.
  4. To form the cake stand use the silver sequin string and sew shape. Sew a pink sequin string onto top lace piece for decoration.
  5. Cut a piece of pink board card 32cms x 20cms, mark the centre and score. Fold the card in half.
  6. Cut a piece of self-adhesive sheet the same size as the felt and stick onto the back of the felt. Stick the felt piece onto the front of the card leaving a 1cm border all around. You could also stitch the felt onto the card if you want to add a little something more to the card.
  7. Stick on the flower embellishments using tacky glue for a better adhesion.
Fabric Cake Birthday Card Fabric Cake Birthday Card Fabric Cake Birthday Card

Top Tip

If you can free machine embroider, this is another great way to add another effect to the card.

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