Faberge Style Eggs Money Box

Save your pocket money in this ‘egg-cellent’ jewel-encrusted money box

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use a soft pencil to draw an oval on the side of the money box. Use a paint brush to carefully outline the oval before painting the rest of the surface in red glitter paint.
  2. Allow the red paint to dry completely before filling in the centre of the oval in yellow glitter paint. Paint a second coat over the egg to give it an even covering.
  3. Lay out a pattern of gemstones on a flat surface. Once you are happy with the design stick the stones in place using large glue dots. Keep the design on the egg facing uppermost while the glue dries to prevent the stones from slipping down.
  4. Use a golden 3D glitter pen to add three rows of dots all around the painted oval. This will help disguise any shaky paintwork. Why not also add the details of something special youÂ’re saving for, to help you remember to save your pennies!

Top Tip

Stir the glitter paints with a small stick before you start painting. This will ensure the glitter is equally distributed.