Elf Boot Decoration

Trim your tree with some sweet little boots made to fit Santa’s Little Helpers.

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut two small boot shapes with curly toes from green felt and place together. Take three strands of red embroidery thread and begin sewing together with small running stitch, starting from the top front of the boot.
  2. Once you have sewn down as far as the bottom of the boot use a pencil to push a little stuffing inside the curly toe part. Continue stitching all around the shape until you get back to the top of the boot.
  3. Stuff the boot firmly so it is a nice plump shape. Cut a strip of red felt 10cm by 0.5cm and fold in half. Place the ends of the red felt in the top of the boot and sew across the boot to hold the hanging loop in place.
  4. Cut out holly leaves from yellow felt and small berries from red felt. Arrange them in a cluster and stitch together with embroidery thread before sewing to the top of the boot.

Top Tip

Try making bigger boots and filling them with sweets and treats instead of stuffing.

What You Need