Elephant Mobile Decoration

This colourful and vibrant elephant mobile decoration is so much fun to make!

Elephant Mobile Decoration

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours + drying time for paint and glue

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. To make the top section for the decoration, cut away a ¼ section from a large paper plate, curl the larger ¾ section into a cone then staple the edge to hold the shape with a strip of masking tape over the top.
  2. Place the cone in the middle of a circular card wreath, draw around the edge in pencil to mark the position then remove the cone. Squeeze plenty glue around the pencil line then press the cone on top. Leave to dry.
  3. Brush gold paint over the cone and wreath. Leave to dry.
  4. Curl a gold crown into a 14cm diameter circle then staple the ends together. Turn the top section with the cone upside down in a bowl then glue the crown to the base of the wreath. Leave to dry.
  5. To make the elephants, stick the foam shapes from the Ambari kit together to decorate 3 elephant shapes on both sides.Cut out extra pieces from self-adhesive felt shapes for the ears and the elephant’s saddle cloth decorations. Cut a 3 x 20cm lengths of thin ribbon, place the ends onto the elephants then stick self-adhesive felt shapes on top, so the ribbons are securely stuck between the layers. stick gems or glue sequins to the elephant for sparkly details.
  6. Decorate the top section around the cone and crown with squares cut from self-adhesive felt. Add self-adhesive jewels, gems and foam mosaics. Brush glue around the edge of the card circle, allow to dry for a couple of minutes then press the pompoms on top. It’s easier to work on a short section gluing 10-15 pompoms at a time with the card supported on its side in a bowl. Allow the glue to dry for a few minutes each time before turning it round. Or, if you prefer use the double-sided sticky pads, which are included with the pompom kit.
  7. Push a 50cm length of ribbon inside the cone and up through the top. If the hole at the top of the cone isn’t wide enough, snip across the pointed tip with scissors. Tie a knot in the ribbon inside the cone so it doesn’t slip through. Tie a loop at the other end of the ribbon.
  8. To attach the elephants, turn the top section upside down then cut 3 evenly spaced 1cm slits into the inner edge of the card wreath. Place the top section in a bowl to keep it still then slot the ends of the ribbons on the elephants into the card. Hold up the decoration to check the elephants are hanging evenly. Adjust the length of the ribbons if necessary by pulling the ends through the slits in the card. When the elephants are hanging in the correct position, add a blob or glue or tape over the ends of ribbons.
Elephant Mobile Decoration Elephant Mobile Decoration Elephant Mobile Decoration

Top Tip

If you need any extra felt shapes to match the foam pieces from the kit, draw around the foam shapes onto the self-adhesive felt backing paper, cut out the shapes, peel off the backings then stick onto the elephants.

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