Earth Pom Pom

This cute pom pom craft is the perfect activity for kids to do to celebrate Earth Day at home or in the classroom!

Earth Pom Pom

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a sheet of card and fold it in half. Cut out a small circle, approximately 10cm, then cut a hole in the middle of this circle to make two donut shapes.
  2. Hold the donut shapes together, then cut a long piece of blue wool and wrap it around the card. When the blue wool runs out start to wrap some green wool around the card.
  3. Continue to wrap the blue and green wool around the card until it is completely covered and you can’t add anymore wool. Make sure you add the colours in chunks to create the different sections of the earth.
  4. Use some sharp scissors to cut around the edge of the wool, placing your scissors in between the two card shapes.
  5. Cut a piece of blue wool, place it in between the two card shapes and wrap it around the whole way. Then tie the ends together tightly in a double knot to hold all of the wool together. Leave one long piece of wool for the pom pom to hang from.
  6. Remove the pieces of card. Trim the ends of the pieces of wool at the edge of the pom pom to neaten it up and make it more circular. Make sure you don’t cut the long piece of wool.
Earth Pom Pom Earth Pom Pom Earth Pom Pom

Top Tip

You can cut a slit in the card to make it easier to wrap the wool, just make sure you hold the wool in place when cutting it. Alternatively, you can use our Pom Pom Maker EF880.

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