Door Garland

Welcome guests to your home or classroom this Christmas with a decorated door garland

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Choose a plate that will fit onto a sheet of red foam and draw around it. Use a bowl to make a smaller circle in the middle. Cut along the lines to make a ring.
  2. Fix a 2cm wide strip of self-adhesive foam across the back of the ring so the sticky side faces the front. Cut some funky shaped presents from self-adhesive foam and carefully glue ribbon across them, tucking the ends under the presents.
  3. Use more ribbon to make pretend bows at the top of the presents and stick them across the strip in the centre of the ring. Cut holly leaf shapes from green self-adhesive foam and make veins on the leaves with a 2mm wide strip of lighter green foam.
  4. Add sticky foam letters above and below the presents to spell out your greeting, glue iridescent snowflakes in the spaces and finish with small red circles for holly berries.
  5. Cut some ribbon to form a small loop. Stick to the back of the top of the wreath for hanging..

Top Tip

Try this idea at Easter using yellow and orange felt to make chicks or black felt at Halloween to make bats!

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