Dog Mascot

Try making this friendly dog decoration using Fimo Clay. Or sculpture a portrait of your pet dog. It also makes a lovely gift or ornament to hang any time of the year.

Dog Mascot

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes + baking time for Fimo

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Flatten ½ a block of red FImo into a 6cm diameter circle for the background, or you could use a cookie cutter to cut a circle. Clean your fingers with wet wipes.
  2. Press ½ strip of flattened white Fimo at bottom of the circle for the body. Shape 1 white Fimo strip into a pear shape for the head then press it into position in the middle of the background circle.
  3. Roll 3 x 1cm balls in brown Fimo. Flatten 1 ball then press it onto the head for the eye patch. Shape the other 2 balls into long ovals for ears. Press the end of each ear at the top of the head then fold them over.
  4. Shape small Fimo pieces for the paws, nose, eyes and tongue. Press them onto the head. Make some dots around the nose using a cocktail stick.
  5. Make a border for the decoration by pressing small rolled balls around the edge. Make a hole near the top with a cocktail stick. Check the hole has opened out all the way through on the back.
  6. Bake Fimo model on a baking tray at 110ºC for 30 minutes. Follow all the instructions on the packet. Allow Fimo to cool before handling. Thread a ribbon through the hole to hang your decoration.
Dog Mascot Dog Mascot Dog Mascot

Top Tip

Fimo kids clay is super soft, making it easy to blend colours together. Knead white with a smaller piece of brown to make a light brown, and white with red to make pink.