Diwali Marigold Garland

In India, the saffron colour of the marigold is considered very auspicious and symbolises success and new beginnings. During Diwali, they can be seen adorning the doors and windows of homes paired with mango leaves offerings to Hindu gods. Make your own marigold garland out of paper.

Diwali Marigold Garland

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. To make the marigold flowers you will need two sheets of orange and 2 sheets of yellow tissue paper.
  2. Lay the 4 sheets on top of each other and cut around 10-12 cm strips along the short edge.
  3. You will need 4 layers of tissue for each flower so cut as many strips as you need.
  4. Layer your 4 strips and concertina fold about 1.5 inches till it’s a small rectangle.
  5. Staple the centre to hold it together and then staple again onto the string.
  6. Trim the ends with a zigzag cut.
  7. Begin (be gentle) peeling up the layers on each side until you have a ball shape.
  8. For the leaves cut leaf shapes out of green and Staple in between each marigold.
Diwali Marigold Garland Diwali Marigold Garland Diwali Marigold Garland

Top Tip

Why not experiment with mixing yellow and orange in to one flower

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