Diwali Lamp Card

Celebrate the festival of lights by making one of these quick lamp cards to send to friends or family.

Diwali Lamp Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

20 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a sheet of blue card, cut out a circle about 20cm in diameter then fold this in half.
  2. From yellow card draw out a teardrop shape about 10cm tall and 7cm wide. Then from orange card draw out a teardrop shape about 8cm tall and 5cm wide. Cut out the shapes. Stick the orange teardrop shape onto the bottom of the yellow teardrop to make the candle flame.
  3. Apply some glue to the back of the flame and then stick this to the top of the card.
  4. Stick some acrylic gems to the front of the card to decorate and then apply some gold glitter glue along the bottom edge of the card. Leave to dry.
  5. To finish, stick some foam letter stickers onto the card to spell out ‘Happy Diwali’.
Diwali Lamp Card Diwali Lamp Card Diwali Lamp Card

Top Tip

When applying the glitter glue to the edge of the card, you can use a thin paintbrush to evenly spread out the glitter.