Diwali Flower Lantern

Create a beautiful lotus flower lantern for Diwali. This sacred flower with 8 petals is often seen in decorative designs at Hindu celebrations and festivals.

Diwali Flower Lantern

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour + drying time for clay and paint. Clay can take 48 hours to thoroughly dry.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a piece of card 3cm x 6cm. Draw a simple petal shape onto the card then cut it out.
  2. Break off ¼ block of clay. Shape it into a ball then roll it out evenly to a depth of 5mm.
  3. Place the card petal shape onto the clay. Cut around the edge of the card using a flat modelling tool or a knife. Cut more petals in the same way until you have 8 in total. Carefully peel away the excess clay from around the petals, then wrap it up quickly to re-use, so it doesn’t dry out.
  4. Rub along the edge of each petal with your fingers to make a smooth shape. If the clay starts to dry out as you are making the lantern, add some water to the surface with your fingers.
  5. Place a piece of cling film onto your work surface. Break off a small piece of clay then shape it into a 2cm ball. Flatten the ball into a circle in the middle of the cling film. Press 4 clay petals into a cross shape top of the clay circle so the ends meeting in the middle. Press 4 more clay petals over the bottom layer, so they are evenly spaced.
  6. Carefully lift up the clay flower holding the edges of the cling film then place it inside a bowl so the petals can dry in a curved shape. Press a tea light into the middle of the flower to help the pieces stick together, then remove it. Leave the clay to dry overnight. The clay will dry out more quickly in a warm place but don’t leave it near a radiator or in bright sunlight as it may dry too quickly and crack.
  7. When the top of the flower is dry, carefully lift the flower out of the bowl using the cling film, then carefully turn it upside down and place it over the bottom of the bowl to allow the underneath to dry thoroughly.
  8. Brush metallic paint over the dried clay then decorate with painted patterns or add sticky gems.
Diwali Flower Lantern Diwali Flower Lantern Diwali Flower Lantern

Top Tip

Using several different metallic colours to paint the flower creates a colourful iridescent surface on the lantern.

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