Diwali Candle Jar

Bring light and colour to the room with these Indian inspired decorated tealight jars

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Wash and thoroughly dry an empty glass jar. Cut a clean washing up sponge into small pieces - one for each colour you wish to use. Press the nib of a glass pen onto the jar several times and dab paint onto the glass. Use a piece of sponge to spread the paint out in a band around the jar.
  2. Carry on adding paint to the jar in different colours and blend one colour into another with a new piece of sponge until the jar is covered. While the paint is drying draw some paisley shapes onto the back of a piece of black sticky foam.
  3. Cut the paisley outlines out and then cut out a smaller shape from the middle. Use a hole punch to cut some holes around the shapes.
  4. Fix the sticky shapes to the dried painted jar ensuring they are stuck on firmly. Use coloured 3D glitter pens to fill in the punched holes on the designs and also to make a series of dots around the outside.

Top Tip

Place a tealight inside the jar so that multi-coloured light shines out. Take care as it could be hot!



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