Day of the Dead Flowerpot

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with a fabulous skull decorated flowerpot…. add
a plant or fill with traditional handmade marigold flowers

Day of the Dead Flowerpot

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using a pencil, sketch your skull design on the front of a porcelain flowerpot. After go over the design using a black porcelain outlining pen. Leave to dry.
  2. When dry, fill the design using porcelain painting pens. Leave to dry.
  3. Whilst the paint is drying, make the marigold flowers. Draw a marigold flower shape in these different sizes on a piece of card. Cut the three shapes out.
  4. Draw around the templates on orange card so there is 3 sets of each flower shape, making 9 in total. Glue 3 different sizes together to give a 3D effect flower, so eventually you have 3 flower heads. Add a yellow pom pom in the centre of each flower.
  5. Glue the flower heads onto green coloured sticks.
  6. In the base of the flower pot put some modelling clay or dough. Arrange the flowers in the pot by pushing the stick stem into the clay or dough so they stay firm.
Day of the Dead Flowerpot Day of the Dead Flowerpot Day of the Dead Flowerpot

Top Tip

Instead of a plant, fill with handmade orange flowers to resemble Marigolds which is the traditional flower for Day of the Dead