Daffodil Photo Magnet

Brighten up your fridge with this lovely daffodil (the national flower of Wales) photo magnet.

Daffodil Photo Magnet

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Mix together Pebeo yellow and blue paint to make green. Paint the wooden peg with the green paint and leave to dry.
  2. Download the daffodil template. Print out the template and cut out the shapes. Cut out the flower head shape from yellow felt.
  3. Using the leaf shapes from the template, cut out two leaves using green felt. Attach to the bottom of the peg using a glue dot. Leave to dry.
  4. Cut out a small rectangle approximately 8cm long and 2cm high from orange felt. Cut a wiggly line along the top length of the rectangle. This shape is to make the centre of the daffodil.
  5. Place 3 glue dots along the length of the orange felt. Loosely roll the rectangle into a sausage so that the shape is stuck together.
  6. Stick a glue dot in the centre of the yellow flower shape and attach the orange felt shape for the centre of the daffodil.
  7. Cut a small strip of self-adhesive magnetic tape, remove the backing and stick to the back of the peg.
  8. Stick the flower head to the top of the peg using glue dots.
Daffodil Photo Magnet Daffodil Photo Magnet Daffodil Photo Magnet

Top Tip

Take care not to paint the inside of the peg completely so that it can open and close and doesn't get stuck.