Cupcake Stand

This DIY cupcake stand is perfect for displaying your delicious cupcakes at parties.

Cupcake Stand

Skill Level


Time to Make

25 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a pink paper cup and turn it upside down. Then add some glue around the top of it.
  2. Place a large purple paper plate to the top of the pink cup and hold until the glue dries. Make sure it is as central as possible.
  3. Take another pink paper cup and trip about an inch off of it to make it slightly shorter.
  4. Turn it upside down and put some glue around the top of it.
  5. Place a small purple paper plate onto the top of the cup and hold it until the glue is dry.
  6. Take the small plate and cup and turn them upside down, then add glue to the edge of the bottom of the cup.
  7. Place the cup and small plate onto the larger plate and hold until the glue dries.
Cupcake Stand Cupcake Stand Cupcake Stand

Top Tip

If you want it to be more sturdy, glue two plates together to make them stronger.

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