Countdown to Summer Vacation Paperchain

Get ready for a super fun summer countdown! Choose your colourful card, cut them into strips, and link them together. Before you know it, you’ll have a vibrant paperchain to count down the days until those sunny adventures begin!

Countdown to Summer Vacation Paperchain

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Firstly, tie a length of string to a pencil. Then find the middle of the yellow A3 piece of card.
  2. Place the string on the centre point and the pencil on one of the corners. Then draw an arc from one corner to the other to create a semi-circle. Cut out the semi-circle using scissors.
  3. Then, using the template draw and cut out the sunglasses and rosy cheeks. For the sunglasses draw around the shape then flip it over to create the other half of the sunglasses.
  4. Next, cut out the sun rays from A3 orange card. These don’t have to be perfect rectangles.
  5. For the paperchain cut out 6 red, 6 orange, 6 yellow, 6 green and 6 blue rectangles (approximately 23cm by 4cm).
  6. Create slits in the bottom of the semi-circle for the paper chains to slide through (get an adult to help). Try to space the slits evenly.
  7. Stick the sun rays and a length of ribbon to hang at the back of the yellow semi-circle.
  8. Next, stick the sunglasses, cheeks and draw a smile on the front of the sun.
  9. Then thread a red rectangle through the first slit.
  10. To make the rectangle into a ring, staple the ends together.
  11. Then loop another red rectangle through the ring previously made and staple the ends together.
  12. Lastly, repeat until all the rings are joined together.
Countdown to Summer Vacation Paperchain Countdown to Summer Vacation Paperchain Countdown to Summer Vacation Paperchain

Top Tip

As an alternative to staples, you can glue the ends of the rectangles to create the rings for the paper chains.



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