Coronation Paper Chains

Make these fun and easy coronation paper chains to decorate your home for the King’s Coronation.

Coronation Paper Chains

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

25 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Draw and cut out 8 rectangles, approximately 5cm x 25cm. You should have 1 skin tone, 5 black, and 2 green rectangles.
  2. Form a loop from the skin tone rectangle by sticking both ends together with double sided tape (you can also use super tacky glue).
  3. Place the second strip of paper through the previous loop and continue with the sequence of colours. You should have 1 skin tone loop, 4 black loops, 2 green loops followed by 1 black loop to finish the base of the body.
  4. Download and print off the templates provided then cut out the individual shapes.
  5. Draw around the templates onto card and cut them out. You will need yellow card for the crown, belt buckle and medals, red card for the gems and 1 medal, white card for the hair and eyes, black card for the eyes, skin tone card for the ears, blue card for 1 medal and orange card for 1 medal and the belt.
  6. For the crown stick a red circle onto each point.
  7. For the eyes layer a smaller black circle on top of a larger white circle, and then stick a small white circle on top. For the small white circle, you can use the template or a hole punch.
  8. Stick the hair, ears, eyes, and crown to the head. The ears can be stuck on the inside of the loop using the small tabs.
  9. Paint a smile and rosy cheeks to complete the face.
  10. For the medals stick the small red, blue, and orange rectangles next to each other onto black card and cut around the shape using scissors. Stick a yellow circle onto each stripe (the yellow circles can be cut out using the template or a hole punch).
  11. Stick the medals to the second black loop.
  12. For the belt, stick the orange rectangle to fourth black loop. Then layer the yellow belt buckle on top and layer the smaller, rounded, orange shape on top.
  13. Cut a length of ribbon and loop it through the top of the paper chain.
  14. Hang your paper chain from the walls or ceiling and enjoy.
Coronation Paper Chains Coronation Paper Chains Coronation Paper Chains

Top Tip

You can use a hole punch to create the small circles for the medals and eyes.