Coronation Finger Puppets

Create these fun felt finger puppets ready for celebrating the King’s Coronation!

Coronation Finger Puppets

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

25 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Download and print off the templates provided then cut out the individual shapes.
  2. Draw around the head template from skin tone foam.
  3. Then draw around the body template onto dark blue felt and cut these out. You will need to cut out two body pieces for each finger puppet.
  4. Draw around the remaining templates onto felt, you will need yellow felt for the crown, white felt for the collar and hair, red felt for the robe and black felt for the trousers.
  5. Take one of the body pieces and squeeze a small amount of glue around the edges. Make sure to leave a gap along the bottom edge as this is where your finger will go.
  6. Take the second body piece, line this up with the first and stick the two pieces together.
  7. Using deco paint pens, draw on two eyes, a smile, and rosy cheeks onto the face. For the collar, use a cotton bud to paint black dots.
  8. When the paint is dry assemble the body by gluing the trousers, robe, and collar to the body. Then stick the hair and crown to the face and then stick the completed face to the top of the body.
  9. Lastly, stick 3 gold self-adhesive pearls to the top of the King’s crown.
Coronation Finger Puppets Coronation Finger Puppets Coronation Finger Puppets

Top Tip

Make sure you don't glue the bottom edges of the body together as this is where your fingers will go.



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