Cone Angel

Pop this sparkling angel on the top of the tree or use as a table decoration when you sit down to turkey

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use a compass to draw a large quarter circle on the corner of some blue card, then cut out. Fold over 1cm on one straight edge and fix double-sided tape to this.
  2. Cut a smaller quarter circle from white card and put double-sided tape all along the curve. Cut lots of 5cm-6cm lengths of iridescent thread and stick these to the tape to make a fringe (or try using snipped up lengths of cellophane for a colourful effect).
  3. Decorate the other side of the white card using iridescent shapes and metallic pens, then glue to the larger blue semi-circle. Bend the quarter circles into a cone and hold in place with the double-sided tape. Cut across the tip of the cone to make a 1cm wide hole.
  4. Fold a piece of A5 blue card in half and cut out angel wings. Open out, and glue onto a piece of white card. Cut around the wings leaving a 2mm border of white card.
  5. Cut an arm and hand shape from more folded white card. Colour the hands pink and add a pattern to the sleeves. Cut a head and long neck shape, colour, add detail, and then glue snowflakes around to make a halo.
  6. Fix the arms to the back of the cone with double-sided tape. Place the wings behind these and slot the neck of the head piece into the hole at the top of the cone.

Top Tip

Once they've got the hang of making cone figures you could try and create a Nativity scene with kings and shepherds.

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