Condiment Caddy

Made of natural materials, this useful caddy if ideal for storing sauces and more at your barbecue or home.

Condiment Caddy

Skill Level


Time to Make

90 minutes plus drying time for the glue

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Unpack the wooden crate craft kit and lay out all the panels of the crate.
  2. Cut 2 pieces of twine 160cms long. Thread one end of twine around handle of an end panel and double knot. Ensure knot is on inside of crate. Loop twine through handle and thread twine end through loop and pull up tightly. This is like a blanket stitch. Repeat until you get to end of handle ensuring no gaping.
  3. Bring end of twine to inside of end panel and stick down with glue. Apply plenty of glue to ensure twine doesn’t unravel.
  4. Lay end panel flat, right side up. Measure from top of panel to top of 2nd slot opening and cut several pieces of twine in that length.
  5. Measure from end of handle to top 2nd slat opening and cut several pieces of twine in that length.
  6. Apply plenty of glue in small sections and start sticking down pieces of twine from one edge to the other, vertically, ensuring no gapping. Repeat on other end panel.
  7. Wrap twine tightly around the upper side panels from one end to the other. Glue down twine end on inside.
  8. Put crate together.
  9. Starting at the top of the lower side panel, glue end of twine. When dry wrap around crate tightly and ensuring there is no gapping all the way down to the bottom. Glue down end of twine and along last row of twine to stop it unravelling.
  10. Cut a piece of brown card 15cm x 4cms and a blue piece 14 x 3cms. Stick the blue piece to the brown, leaving a boarder around. Write ‘sizzle & drizzle’ using felt pens.
  11. Stick label onto side of crate.
Condiment Caddy Condiment Caddy Condiment Caddy

Top Tip

When laying and sticking down pieces of twine, use handle end of brush to push them together and stick them down better.

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