Coastal Themed Boxes

There are numerous ways to create your own beautiful designs using soft colours and natural objects for these beach inspired pictures.

Coastal Themed Boxes

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour + drying time for glue

How to Make

  1. Open out a keepsake box and carefully cut it down the middle of the spine to make 2 sections; one half with a shallow box and the other with a deeper box.
  2. Paint the 2 sections with poster paint using blue or green, or for different shades try mixing colours together. Leave to dry. Depending on your design, it may be easier to separate the boxes from the backgrounds before painting or if you add hessian to the background. Glue back together when each piece is finished.
  3. Lightly brush white paint over the top of the boxes and backgrounds using a dry brush, then rub over the top with sandpaper to create a weathered look. For a printed texture, try pressing painted hessian onto the background.
  4. Glue strips of hessian, shells and small dried twigs into the box sections. To make a beach scene, paste blue tissue paper inside the box for the sky and sea. Cut some wooden craft sticks to fit inside the box then glue in place with small pebbles, shells and twigs on top.
  5. Tie twine around the box section with a loop to hang the box. Fray the edges of the twine and hessian. Lightly brush the twigs with white paint.
Coastal Themed Boxes Coastal Themed Boxes Coastal Themed Boxes

Top Tip

Gluing scrunched up tissue paper inside shells increases the surface area, making them easier to glue onto the backgrounds.