Clay Stacking Heart Plates

These delicate stacking plates use a simple heart shape and block colours in gold, silver and pastel pink to create both a functional and decorative piece. Stack on top of each other for display, or use to store jewellery in.

Clay Stacking Heart Plates

Skill Level


Time to Make

3 hours

How to Make

  1. Create 3 paper heart templates to your desired sizes. Roll out 3 thin slabs of clay. 2 silver and 1 gold. Place your templates on top (large and small on silver, medium on gold) and cut round them carefully with a craft knife.
  2. Place them on a curved surface to create a shallow bowl shape. A saucer works well. Allow to dry thoroughly so that they will hold this shape. This can take 24 hours.
  3. Once dry paint the plates and allow to dry between coats/ colours. Use:
    • Metallic silver on the top side of the large heart and both sides of the small heart, leaving the edge paint free.
    • Paint the back of the medium and large heart in a matt finish / pastel pink paint.
    • Paint the top of the gold heart in metallic gold paint.
    • Paint the edge of the small heart in pink.
  4. Use a craft knife to remove any excess paint on the edges of the large and medium plates so that you can see the contrasting matt gold and silver clay below.
  5. Use a Deco pen to create a linear pattern on the bottom of both the large and medium plate. Allow to dry thoroughly.
Clay Stacking Heart Plates Clay Stacking Heart Plates Clay Stacking Heart Plates

Top Tip

Make sure you allow the plates to dry thoroughly between coats as the clay absorbs lots of moisture quickly, and this can cause the shape to warp if it becomes too wet.



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