Ceramic Owl Collection

Owl’s this for a set of feathery friends? We think you’ll have a real hoot painting them… (Okay, we’ll stop now)

Ceramic Owl Collection

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. For the orange and green owl money box, start by mixing green and yellow paint with a little white to create a soft light green. Paint the eyes and chest feathers this colour.
  2. Next, mix red, yellow and white to create light orange and paint the whole of the owl leaving out the nose, wings and feet.
  3. Take yellow paint and colour the nose and feet, leaving the wings, chest, outer eye and pupils white.
  4. For the grey and blue owl, mix black and white to make a soft, light grey and paint the main owl body, leaving out the eyes, nose, wings, tummy feathers and feet, as shown.
  5. Mix blue with white to make a bright, light blue, and apply to the eyes and chest feathers. Colour the nose and feet yellow, and the wings, chest, outer eye and pupils white.
  6. For the tealight holder, mix blue paint with green and a small amount of white. Colour the main owl body in this shade, leaving out the outer eyes, inner ears, wings and chest. Use a gold marker and white paint to colour the rest of the owl, using the picture as a guide.
Ceramic Owl Collection Ceramic Owl Collection Ceramic Owl Collection

Top Tip

Let each coloured section dry before applying the next colour to avoid the shades bleeding into one another, especially when using white.