Catherine Wheel Sticks

Light up the night with some sparkling Catherine Wheels on sticks

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Mark 1cm intervals along both long edges of a piece of yellow card. Use a ruler and a biro with no ink in to score lines from these marks across the sheet. Turn the sheet over and score again between the lines so you have a series of 5mm spaces. Do the same thing with a second card in another colour.
  2. Cut a 3cm wide strip from the first piece of card, cutting across the scored lines. Fold along the lines to make a concertina, pressing along the folds firmly. Put a piece of double sided tape on one end of the strip and join into a ring.
  3. Cut an 8cm diameter circle from black card and place some double sided tape in the middle. Place the ring on top and press down so it fans out and is held in place. Put some glue on the pointed end of a skewer and poke under one of the ridges of the circle.
  4. Cut a 2cm wide strip from the second card and fold as before. Fix this circle over the first with some PVA glue. Decorate the middle of the disc with shapes cut out from a glitter sheet and dots of 3D glitter. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the skewer and add some extra twisted pieces - watch the sparks fly!

Top Tip

These make great table decorations if you're having a fireworks party.

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