Cardboard Tube Space Shuttle

Create a cool space shuttle by recycling an old cardboard tube.

Cardboard Tube Space Shuttle

Skill Level


Time to Make

20 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cover a cardboard tube in double sided tape and peel off the backing strips. Then place it onto a sheet of white paper or card and roll it until it is fully covered.
  2. Trim the ends of the card until they are approximately half an inch away from the ends of the tube. Then gently fold the ends into the inside of the tube.
  3. Place the tube onto another sheet of white card and draw the shape of a space shuttle around it with a pencil. Cut out this shape and use a blue pen to draw a blue stripe across it.
  4. Stick a strip of double sided tape to the underneath of the tube, then stick it to the space shuttle shape.
  5. Use a black pen to draw small black squares onto the tube to make the windows, and to draw slightly larger rectangles onto the front of the space shuttle.
  6. Cut out a fire shape from yellow and orange card and stick it to the inside of the back of the tube using double sided tape.
  7. Stick two silver stars to the wings of the space shuttle.
Cardboard Tube Space Shuttle Cardboard Tube Space Shuttle Cardboard Tube Space Shuttle

Top Tip

Roll the paper before sticking it to the tube to create a curve. This will make it easier to stick to the tube.

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