Bunting Sunglasses Case

Keep your sunglasses scratch free in this soft and colourful felt sunglasses case. Perfect for sunny days out!

Bunting Sunglasses Case

Skill Level


Time to Make

30-45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a sheet of green coloured felt and measure and cut it to 20.5cms wide, by 23cms long. Then, measuring from the top, make a pencil mark 5cms down the long-edge of the felt sheet. Then, make another pencil mark 14cms down. Repeat this on the opposite edge.
  2. Apply super tacky glue in between the pencil marks on either side of the felt. Then fold the bottom part of the felt up.
  3. To make the flap, peel off the back of a pair of hook and loop craft dots and stick one in the middle towards the top. Stick the matching hook and loop craft dot at the top of the case opening, so that they attach nicely.
  4. Now it’s time to decorate! To make the bunting, cut a piece of blue wool about 21cms long. Using the super tacky glue, make a curved line from corner to corner of the front of your case and stick the piece of wool on. Then, cut some triangles out of purple, blue, pink and yellow felt. Arrange them along the line of blue wool and then stick them down with the glue to make your bunting.
  5. To make the tassel, take some wool and wrap around your fingers 10 times. Slide the wool from your fingers carefully and with another piece of wool tie a knot tightly to secure. Holding the knot in one hand. Snip the wool apart at the opposite end. Stick your tassel onto the flap using your super tacky glue.
Bunting Sunglasses Case Bunting Sunglasses Case Bunting Sunglasses Case

Top Tip

While your glue is drying, pop some paperclips on the edges of your sunglasses case to hold it together.