Bumble Bee Pal

Kids will be buzzing to make this cute fuzzy bumble bee using a recycled cardboard tube and pipe cleaners.  Great activity for teaching children the importance of bees in nature.

Bumble Bee Pal

Skill Level


Time to Make

25 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a sheet of yellow felt and cut a piece long and wide enough to wrap around the cardboard tube. Then stick it to the tube using double-sided tape.
  2. Wrap a black pipe cleaner around the bottom of the tube to create a stripe. Twist the two ends together at the back of the tube, and then trim. Repeat this two more times to create three stripes overall.
  3. Cut a circle out of yellow felt, making sure it is wider than the cardboard tube. Create the bee’s face on this circle using two wiggle eyes and the black pen for the mouth.
  4. Create two antenna using black pipe cleaners, then stick them to the black of the bee’s face. Then use double-sided tape to stick the face to the top of the cardboard tube.
  5. Take a sheet of pale blue paper and cut out two wing shapes. Then stick these to the back of the cardboard tube.
Bumble Bee Pal Bumble Bee Pal Bumble Bee Pal

Top Tip

Roll the felt up and unravel before sticking it to the tube to prevent it from unfolding.