Bride and Groom Peg Dolls

These miniature royal dolls of Prince Harry and bride-to-be Meghan make lovely keepsakes of the royal wedding.

Skill Level

Intermediate. Adult Supervision needed.

Time to Make

1 hour 30 mins

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take 2 wooden dolly pegs - one to resemble Prince Harry and another to resemble Meghan. Paint the heads of each peg by mixing white, red, yellow and a small amount of blue and brown paint together to make similar skin tones to Prince Harry and Meghan. For Meghan, continue to paint her neck and shoulders. Leave to dry.
  2. On the peg for Prince Harry paint the rest of the peg black to make his uniform. On the peg for Meghan paint the rest of the peg white to make her wedding dress. Leave to dry.
  3. Paint the hair onto the heads of the pegs – short ginger hair for Prince Harry and long dark hair for Meghan. Leave to dry.
  4. Using a thin black pen draw on eyes, nose and a mouth on both pegs. Add small rosy cheeks using a mix of red and white paint.
  5. Cut 2 small, thin rectangle shapes from black self-adhesive felt and stick onto the legs of the Prince Harry peg doll to make his trousers. Cut a shorter and wider rectangle from black self-adhesive felt and wrap around the top of the trousers to make the bottom of his jacket.
  6. Cut 2 1/4 size shapes from a white doily to make Meghan’s dress. Wrap one around the body of the peg doll and attach using glue dots. Wrap around the other piece of doily slightly above the first piece to create the layers of the wedding dress. Attach using glue dots.
  7. Using yellow paint, add details to the Prince Harry peg doll uniform. Add yellow details to the shoulders and a diagonal line across his chest leading to his shoulder. Add small yellow buttons going down the middle of his jacket. Leave to dry.
  8. Using red paint, add a line going down both sides of the trousers. Add a thin red line going through the middle of the yellow diagonal sash. Leave to dry.
  9. Using red paint, add small vertical lines to the chest to make 2 red medals, leaving a space in between to add a blue medal using blue paint. Add 3 small white dots below using white paint to add to the medals. Leave to dry.
  10. Cut one rose from one of the paper rose bouquets and attach to Meghan’s chest using a glue dot.
  11. Take a small amount of white air drying clay, roll into a ball and then squish into a thick flat circle to make the base for the peg dolls to stand. Repeat with another piece of air drying clay.
  12. Take the Prince Harry peg doll and stick the bottom of the peg into the clay base. Leave to air dry and then paint the base black. Leave to dry.
  13. Take the Meghan peg doll and stick the bottom of the peg into the clay base. Leave to air dry and then paint the base white. Leave to dry.

Top Tip

For a royal finish, use Melt Acrylic Lustre Paint in Gold AF937 for the yellow details of Prince Harry’s uniform.

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