Bird Pin Cushion

Turn a ceramic bird planter into a handy pin cushion with a scandi pattern decoration.

Bird Pin Cushion

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 30 minutes

How to Make

  1. Paint the ceramic bird with the white porcelain paint. Then, mix some black and white porcelain paints together to make a light grey. Use this paint to paint the wings and the underneath of the bird. Use black paint to colour in the bird’s eyes.
  2. Use a yellow fine tip deco pen to decorate the bird with a Scandinavian pattern. Draw small hearts on the wing, and a dashed line around the outside. Add other similar patterns onto the rest of the bird.
  3. Cut a circle from a white sheet of felt, about 18cm diameter. Cut a piece of white embroidery thread and tie a double knot in one end. Thread the other end into the needle and put a loose running stitch around the edge of this circle.
  4. Pull the end of the thread tightly, making the edges of the circle come together. Then fill this with stuffing and sew it closed to create the pin cushion.
  5. Push the felt pin cushion into the top of the ceramic bird. It should be big enough that it will wedge in without having to be glued in place.
Bird Pin Cushion Bird Pin Cushion Bird Pin Cushion

Top Tip

Lift the pin cushion out of the top of the bird to use the pot underneath to store your cotton and thread.