Bird and Heart Decorations

These cute co-ordinating ceramic decorations will add a whimsical touch to any room

Bird and Heart Decorations

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Mix shades of turquoise, grey, light pink, dark pink and yellow in the palette using your selection of paint and paint a zig zag in turquoise across the middle.
  2. Paint a light pink zig zag design at the top of the porcelain blank and leave to dry. Add a yellow zig zag at the bottom and fill in.
  3. Thread with ribbon, then display as desired. For the bird, paint on a border of turquoise. Add a grey wing, then leave to dry. Draw on a curved line for the eye, as shown, and a yellow beak. Draw small, white curved ‘c’ shapes onto the wing in white to create the appearance of feathers. Thread with ribbon and display.
Bird and Heart Decorations Bird and Heart Decorations Bird and Heart Decorations

Top Tip

Add a coat of varnish if you'd prefer a satin sheen finish rather than the matte effect created by the paint.