Big Bugs

Create a multitude of fantastic flying friends that are larger than life.

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut the ends off two polystyrene ovals or eggs then glue them together to make a body shape.
  2. Paint the body with two coats of brightly coloured acrylic paint and leave to dry.
  3. Cut a pipe cleaner into six pieces and bend each bit at the end to make tiny feet. Make six holes in the underside of the body using a pencil and glue the legs in place.
  4. Cut two matching wing shapes from coloured foam, making sure you leave a 5mm tab to fix into the body. Cut thin strips of white foam and glue onto the wings to look like veins.
  5. Cut two slots in the top of the insect's body where the wings will sit. If necessary scoop out any pieces of polystyrene to make a clear slot.
  6. Dab some PVA glue into the slots and push the wing tabs into place. Add a pair of wiggle-eyes to bring your bug to life. Why not make several so you have your own squadron?

Top Tip

Always take care with sharp knives and ask an adult to help you.

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