Bethlehem Felt Picture

Create a stunning nativity scene!  This no-glue project is easy to assemble using self adhesive-felt cut outs. Larger felt pieces can be attached with double-sided tape.

Bethlehem Felt Picture

Skill Level


Time to Make

1.5-2 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Choose a piece of A3 felt to make a background, (the example uses dark blue); this colour will appear as the sky area on the picture.
  2. Cut some purple felt into curved shapes for the hills. Stick the felt in place with double-sided tape, about 8-10cm from the top of the background.
  3. Stick 2 pieces of self-adhesive felt onto the background underneath the hills for the main area of ground; this could be green or use another colour if you prefer.
    Stick the pieces positioned so they join down the middle; this can be covered over with the stable and other shapes.
  4. Cut out some self-adhesive felt rectangles for the Bethlehem houses. Cut semi-circles for the rooftops and small strips for windows and other details like the steps. Peel off the backing paper and stick the shapes onto the top half of the background so they overlap.
  5. Cut out a (brown) self-adhesive felt rectangle for the stable, approximately 9cm x 6cm, stick it onto the background with a roof, 3cm x 12cm. Cut a yellow felt doorway and small windows then stick them onto the stable. Stick thin brown felt strips around the doorway with a manger in the middle. Add yellow felt pieces as light shining out from the stable door and windows. Place the stable pieces to cover the join in the background.
  6. Cut out some extra pieces for hills and trees in the foreground then stick them in place.
  7. To make the border, cut 4 x strips 2cm wide to fit around the edges. Decorate the border with thinner strips in a different felt colour, or cut small felt shapes to make a pattern. Stick felt stars around the border and in the sky with glitter stars on top.
  8. To make loops for hanging the picture, cut 2 x felt strips 1cm x 10cm, fold them in half then stick onto the reverse side of the background with double-sided tape. For extra strength stitch the loops in place.
  9. For a quicker project, try making a smaller-sized picture with a simpler design.

Bethlehem Felt Picture Bethlehem Felt Picture Bethlehem Felt Picture

Top Tip

To help work out the sizes for the buildings and stable, cut out some rough shapes from paper before cutting into the felt.

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