Bat Bunting

This DIY hanging Bat Bunting would make the perfect decoration for a Halloween party!

Bat Bunting

Skill Level


Time to Make

35 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use a pen to draw the shape of a bat’s head and body onto a black sheet of foam, then cut out this shape.
  2. Add two wiggle eyes to the bat’s face, and then use a white deco pen to draw two little triangles underneath the eyes to make the fangs. Then use a red deco pen to draw the mouth just above the teeth.
  3. Cut two pieces of black pipe cleaner, approximately 8-10cm long.
  4. Turn the foam bat over and use double sided tape to stick the two pipe cleaner ‘legs’ to the back of the bat.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 with both black and purple foam, to create as many bats as you want.
  6. Cut a piece of black wool to the length that you would like your bunting to be. Then, to add the bats, bend the ends of the pipe cleaners over the wool and twist them onto themselves. The bats should look like they are hanging!
Bat Bunting Bat Bunting Bat Bunting

Top Tip

Make the bunting as long as you like by just adding more bats!

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