Barbeque Place Mats

Add a rustic look to your picnic table with placemats made using twine coiled onto coasters.

Barbeque Place Mats

Skill Level


Time to Make

90 minutes plus drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Brush glue all over coaster. Apply plenty as cork will absorb it.
  2. Starting from outer edge, coil twine around the coaster working it in. Ensure it sticks down well as you move around and that it touches the previous row (to avoid gapping,) as you start a new one.
  3. Give a gentle press down when finished coiling to ensure all rows stick down well. Repeat 2 & 3 for the remaining coasters.
  4. Cut a circle in corrugated card 21cms in diameter, this will become your base.
  5. Using this as template draw around and cut 2 circles in felt.
  6. Stick down the felt on either side of the card circle, one at a time, allowing drying before putting on other side.
  7. Start by placing a twined coaster centrally on your circle base, then the others around. Make sure they are all touching and evenly placed. Once you’re happy with your layout, stick down (with glue) one by one.
Barbeque Place Mats Barbeque Place Mats Barbeque Place Mats

Top Tip

If glue is being absorbed into the cork, apply more thickly. To help draw a circle, use a plate or any circular item to draw around. If smaller, just add the cms required to the circle you have drawn to get diameter measurement.

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