Barbeque Bunting

Create this bright and colourful bunting, perfect for any Barbeque party!

Barbeque Bunting

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour plus drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Draw around bunting template not forgetting to mark holes on blue, green, yellow and orange card.
  2. Cut out using either craft knife or scissors and hole punch on markings for holes.
  3. Draw around watermelon template using dark green, white and red card. Cut out. Stick the pieces together in number order (see template). Draw on the pips using felt pen.
  4. Do the same for the burger, hotdog and ice cream following template order.
  5. For the hotdog sauces, cut 2 pieces of cotton string 16cm long. In a paint tray dip one of the strings in a small amount of red acrylic paint & with a paint brush ensure it is totally covered. Lift the string out of the paint & remove excess paint with a paint brush or fingers. Allow to dry. Repeat for other string with yellow paint.
  6. Brush PVA strong glue on whole of sausage part of hotdog. Stick down the red string in a wavy pattern. Repeat the process for the yellow string. You may have to hold the string down at first, to ensure it sticks before making the wavy pattern.
  7. Add the details to all food makes, i.e. sesame seeds on burger bun, sprinkles on ice cream.
  8. For worded bunting, divide space evenly & draw faint lines to lay the foam letters on. Place words so they are central & evenly spaced. When you’re happy with your layout, peel & stick down. Rub out pencil lines.
  9. On the back of the food makes stick on the foam dots at corners & central points, ensuring they are not too close to the edge. Stick down the food to the bunting pieces.
  10. Layout the bunting in the order you would like to hang it.
  11. Cut a piece of cotton string 2.50m & thread through holes.
  12. Loop at each end & knot to give you hanging loops.
Barbeque Bunting Barbeque Bunting Barbeque Bunting

Top Tip

Work on one template at a time, so you don’t mix up pieces. The painted cotton string for the hot dog may be a little stiff after it has been painted and dried, so coil it around your finger to loosen.



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