Baby Jesus Stable

If you’ve no room for a full Nativity set, you can make your own Baby Jesus in the stable instead

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint the bird house yellow inside, orange for the outside walls, and brown for the roof. Leave to dry. Next, use a fine paintbrush to paint on a white wood-grain effect on the roof. Glue a rectangle of yellow card to the back of the stable.
  2. Cut out two 8cm diameter circles from yellow card and draw a 3cm diameter circle in the middle of each. Snip lines from the edge down to the smaller circle to resemble the spokes of a wheel.
  3. Curl the spokes over the blade of some scissors, and bend them up around the circumference of the smaller circle. Glue the two discs in the base of the stable to look like a bed of straw.
  4. Cut a strip of pink sticky felt 3cm by 8cm and roll into a cylinder. Tie a piece of pink thread one third of the way down the tube to make a neck, and use a fine felt tip to draw on eyes and a mouth.
  5. Cut another strip of white sticky felt and wrap over the head and partly round the body of the baby. Wrap a third strip around the body to look like swaddling cloth.
  6. Fix a small circle of glitter sheet to the back of the head using double-sided tape to make a halo. Secure the baby in the bed of straw with double-sided tape.

Top Tip

Why not try making Mary and Joseph too, to complete this Nativity scene.

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