Baby Dinosaur Egg

Model your own cute and colourful baby dinosaur with Fimo kids modelling clay. Give someone a surprise when they open the egg!

Baby Dinosaur Egg

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes for making + drying time for gluing tissue paper, 30 minutes for Fimo to bake + time to cool down.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut off 2 strips from a block of polymer clay. Roll it into an oval shape for the baby dinosaur’s head. Shape the oval so it is pointed at one end.
  2. Roll 2 more polymer clay strips into a ball for the body. Gently flatten the ball at one end so it stands up. Press the head onto the body.
  3. Roll 2 small polymer clay balls for the feet, flatten them and use a modelling tool to cut lines for the toes. Roll 2 small balls into arms, about 3cm in length, use a modelling tool to shape the hands and fingers.
  4. Cut some small triangles from flattened polymer clay, then press them onto the back of the head. Roll eyes using another colour, press them onto the head. Roll a tail then press it to the back of the body.
  5. Finish the dinosaur with small, flattened polymer clay dots to make a pattern on the body. Add black dots to the middle of the eye.
  6. Check the dinosaur is the right size to fit into the egg before baking it. If it is too big, gently squeeze the body to make it a thinner shape. Put the dinosaur onto a baking tray. Bake polymer clay in a pre-heated oven at 110C on a baking tray. Follow instructions on the packaging. Allow polymer clay to cool before handling.
Baby Dinosaur Egg Baby Dinosaur Egg Baby Dinosaur Egg

Top Tip

Try lightly brushing or sponging paint over the egg when the glue has dried. This will make the crinkly tissue paper pattern stand out more clearly. Keep the paint fairly dry when you do this.