Angel Headband Halo

Upcycle an old headband for this Angelic headband. Perfect for a Nativity costume.

Angel Headband Halo

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 Hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Place double-sided tape on the inside and outside of the headband base.
  2. Starting from the inside of one end of the headband, wrap white ribbon around repeatedly, overlapping as you go until the whole headband is covered.
  3. To make the longest parts of the 5 points on the halo, cut 3 pipe-cleaners in half and attach 5 of the pieces to the headband. Do this by wrapping one end of the pipe-cleaner around the headband and then around itself to secure it. Make sure that the 5 points are evenly spaced with 1 in the centre of the headband and the others either side of it.
  4. Cut 4 pipe-cleaners into thirds and attach 10 of these medium-sized pieces either side of the 5 long pieces in the same way as before.
  5. Cut 5 pipe-cleaners into quarters. These will be your shortest pieces.
  6. Then wrap the ends onto the headband either side of each point. It will have the pattern short, medium, long, medium, short; short, medium, long, medium, short; and so on.
  7. Make sure your pipe-cleaners are sticking out straight to complete your halo headband.
Angel Headband Halo Angel Headband Halo Angel Headband Halo

Top Tip

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